About us

Stainless steel is perfect for professional kitchens due to its high resistance to various chemical and organic agents, as well as factors accompanying cooking.

We work on the best machines

WORK ON EVERY PROJECT BEGINS WITH SENDING IT TO the construction department, which is responsible for its development or preparing its  specifications - if we are dealing with non-standard furniture.

The next stage is handing the order over to qualified machine operators, welders and grinders. The entire production process, from cutting sheets and profiles, through punching, and then shaping materials, as well as joining and final finishing, is carried out using the highest quality production machines.

Extremely durable material as well as welded manufacturing technology guarantee that you receive a functional product that will successfully serve for many years, increasing the efficiency of work in the kitchen.

How do we operate?

We work only on machines of renowned global and domestic brands.

We work with the best machines and materials.

We offer a wide range of furniture.

We guarantee fast delivery times.

We carry out custom orders.

An advantageous choice

You receive a guarantee of service at the highest level.

The company focuses on continuous development. We are gradually increasing the number of employees as well as modernizing and expanding our machine park.

Thanks to these activities, as well as numerous investments, over the last 10 years we have become a significant manufacturer on the domestic market. At the same time, we are strongly developing exports, which are directed mainly at European countries.

In relations with clients we value partnership and long-term cooperation, which translates into an increase in production orders year on year. We provide a wide range of types, varieties and dimensions of furniture and devices that enable their correct selection for each professional workplace.

The furniture we produce meets the requirements of every professional kitchen. Its characteristic features are:


uncomplicated design

and careful workmanship

The ease of creating sets is another reason why our furniture is so eagerly chosen by customers.


In 2022, we received the “Forbes Diamonds” award for the fifth time.

Diamonds of the FORBES Monthly is one of the most prestigious rankings conducted  among Polish private companies. The Forbes Diamonds list is compiled on the basis of the Swiss method of valuing companies, taking into account both financial results and the value of the company's assets.